What Bait to Use To Catch Trout

As we enter the spring of the year those of us who enjoy fishing for trout begin to get very excited. You see, the spring means that it’s time for another trout season to begin, which for more than twenty years has been my favorite fishing season. As a spin fisherman I have always found that one of the most important aspects to having a successful day on the water is what type of trout bait that you are using. Below I will outline a few of the best baits to use for trout, so you won’t have to wonder or guess what bait to use to catch trout, you will already know.

All of these baits are effective during the spring, summer, and fall and depending on other factors such as the phase of the moon, the weather, you personal skill level, and fishing pressure should be able to help you catch trout. Just make sure that you have at least one of the following bait choices available to you and you will more than likely have a successful day on the water.Powerbait – There is little doubt that if you are fishing for trout that have been stocked, Powerbait is a “must have” trout bait. Whether you are using traditional Powerbait baited on a small how to clear a cloudy pool with baking soda treble hook and “still fished” in a lake or you are drift fishing in a river with a Powerbait trout worm, minnow, or nymph there is little doubt that Powerbait is an excellent bait to use to catch trout and will help you experience success.

Live Worms – There are two main methods for using live worms to catch trout in my opinion. By inflating your worm with a worm blower and fishing it on a bottom fishing rig in a lake or large pool in a river or by “drift fishing” a live worm along the bottom of a river or stream. These are both great ways to catch trout with live worms, there’s no doubt about it.

Artificial Flies – If for some reason your aren’t aware, trout love to eat insects and as most everyone knows the best way to mimic an insect when fishing is by using an artificial fly. But as I mentioned earlier, I am a spin fisherman, so how is this possible? By utilizing something called a fly fishing bubble which allows me to catch trout while using an artificial fly as bait. Large flies, such as nymphs, can also be “drift fished” in much the same way a worm is.

Although there are many other baits that can be used to catch trout, the three aforementioned choices are among the best choices, so make sure that you have one (or all) of them available to you the next time that you head out to try to catch some trout.

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