Sucking Up to Google – How to Dominate PPC Management

If you have any plans on Succeeding in Google AdWords management you basically need to do everything you can to suck up to Google. You need to do everything you can to make Google like you and make Google be on your side. After all who decides how well you do in your online business? You? Your work ethic? Your reputation? Nope, Google ultimately decides how well you’ll do in your online business. If you’re not doing everything you can to suck up to Google you might as well kiss your dreams of online success goodbye.

There are a number of different ways you can suck up to Google but there is no one thing that totally appeases Google. It takes a combination of several different factors to appease the Google Gods. You need to do everything you can to structure you business for Google’s liking. Then and only then will you find favor in the eyes of Google.

Running a Successful AdWords Campaign requires that you master each of the following techniques and practices I list below. I have been in PPC Management long enough to see the rewards of those who please Google and the pain of those who angered the Google Gods.

Do you have all of your Buy Google Reviews keywords stuffed into just a few ad-groups? If so, Google hates it when campaigns are set up like this and will surely slap your campaigns with “0% relevancy”! Each keyword you have should actually be in an ad group all on its own!

Did you know the structure of your ads plays a huge roll in determining your success in ppc management? Each keyword you have should have an ad written specifically for that keyword and with the ad appearing once in the ad headline, once in the ad text and once in the display URL.

Is your site optimized for Google? If not then I guarantee you that you won’t get too far in Google AdWords management. Google is completely obsessed with relevancy and is always checking to see if your site is 100% relevant to the keywords you are advertising on. If Google finds the keyword you’re advertising on isn’t found many places on your site then you’re in big trouble. Google will determine your site has no Relevancy. Your site could be perfectly relevant to every keyword you have if you know how to use, “Magic Keyword Insertion”.

You’re a LOSER if you’re not doing this and it’s only a matter of time before Google hates you! Split testing is the process of writing several ads for each keyword and testing them against each other to see which ones perform the best. Split testing determines which ads are great and also which ads should be deleted. Google loves good ads and rewards good ads with higher ad position and lower click costs. On the other hand if your AdWords campaigns are full of sorry ads with horrible Click-Through-Rates then Google will give your ads horrible ad placement while charging you more than you should have to pay per click.

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