Philadelphia hosts a large number of events every year. Events ranging from Gay Pride to a Haunted Prison celebration in Halloween are celebrated every year. The city also sees a number of modern and classical art exhibitions, festivals celebrating the food culture, religious celebrations, historical celebrations, Hispanic and celebrations by other cultures, festivals celebrating the night life, running and other sports festival and many more events. This article gives a brief overview of some of the most interesting Philadelphia events you can attend.

If you love art and you are in Philadelphia, Friday is the day for you. Take a step into Philadelphia’s happening world of art. The Old City has more than 40 art galleries which are open from 5 to 9 in the night and hundreds of art lovers throng the streets, wandering from one art gallery to another.

Philadelphia will also host Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, April 7-May 1. This event will focus on the city’s art and culture. It is the best time to see a comprehensive range of production by some the city’s top artists. And if you think you’ve had too much of art, this event also features music, fashion, fine arts, dance, poetry, and a lot more.

When talking of Philadelphia events, one cannot leave out the St. Patrick’s parade. Over 20000 people, and more than 150 groups, participate in this parade; one of the largest religious and cultural celebration of Philadelphia. It is probably the oldest festival for Philadelphia; it has been celebrated 238 times since it was first celebrated in 1771. If you’d prefer to run than watch a parade, you can take a part in the 10 mile race along Philadelphia’s historic Broad Street.

If running, even when surrounded by a historic aura, is not your idea of fun, you can sit back and relax at the Brandywine River Blues Festival. You can spend your Memorial Day weekend in the Brandywine valley – you get lot of wine, god music and great company. You might also get to tour wine making and barrel-aging cellars.

Dining Out for Life is one of the Philadelphia events most foodies will love. On this April 29th, 200 of Philadelphia’s best restaurants will donate 33% of your meal cost to fight against AIDS. This will let you enjoy the best meals available in Philadelphia and also satisfy your soul by making a positive contribution to people suffering from these deadly diseases.

If you feel you are reading too much on the net and missing out on spending time in libraries, Free library Festival is for you. You can tour libraries, attend talks by bestselling authors and meet some of them, visit poetry readings, musical performances and take your child to activities devised just for children. Bibliophiles from all over the country attend this growing festival and it is a great place for exchange of thoughts and ideas.

A number of festival and events will rock Philadelphia throughout the year. You can choose from among a number of art exhibitions, historical celebrations, wine festivals, sporting events, food festivals, parades, dance and film festivals and much more. Come to the city and get enjoy its happening cultural life.

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