Building a Blog Business

A good working definition of a blog is simply a journal or newsletter that is frequently updated and intended for the timely reading. It often provides opportunities for unfiltered and immediate feedback, sports an informal or even partisan attitude, and is written in a more personal style than traditional press outlets.

Blogs come in all shapes and subjects, from the maunderings of troubled teen souls to displays of classical photography to breaking news and commentary myenvoyair. They can be online journals, locked with a password shared by a few trusted friends, or they can be page after page of source code, sharing useful and free computer programs with the world.

A blog may be an online journal tangential to a company’s main business, where users of a company’s products give feedback and ask for help Techlightzone. Blogs can be hosted by single individuals, shared by teams, or produced by entire companies. They may be hosted on a dedicated blog server using fancy templates or lovingly hand-crafted in HTML on a page that resembles a bulletin board.

But a blog is not simply a syndicated column or a newspaper that is online. Many news outlets feature their content online and even allow readers to respond to stories worldnewupdates. However, the newspaper’s business does not change just because it has a new medium. Editors and writers still do the same jobs they did before the advent of online distribution; the newspaper does not view itself as any different from what it always was.

And perhaps therein lies the difference: attitude. The newspaper sees itself as presenting all the news that’s fit to print, written by objective professionals, while the blogger sees himself as presenting a piece of his own world and his own expertise from his own perspective.

A blog is usually a web page or a web log or a short post on web which is updated in chronological order-like a news page or journal. It includes web contents, links, short diaries, essays, articles, news items and several other creative projects. It is actually a web entity published on internet. Oh…don’t get bogged down. For me blog is just a web worm which has bitten a billion of people to spread a disease called blogging mania. Blogging is just another genre of writing which includes almost all writing genres. A blog can be used for marketing, fun, employment, or an efficient source of information.

Blogging has become the mainstream phenomenon of thoughts and news sharing. Earlier any website was restricted to only informative contents but with increasing online communities coming into picture, blog has emerged as independent online body. It helps small groups communicate in a way that is much simpler to follow than online chatting and email system. It acts as an informal messenger of an individual or a community. These lay out instant messages and discussion topics as an efficient tool of communication. A blog can pool everyone to form an effective loop of story sharing.

Based on a specific genre, a blog is of different genres. It covers all areas of interests like politics, career, entertainment, personal issues, sports, automobiles, travel, books, business articles, mini-essays and several other entities. So it is not restricted to only few selected people rather people of different fields who like to share their views, can blog. Blog is an encyclopedia of news spreading which is written on mutual interest as well as some specific topics. Bloggers enjoy the entropy associated with writing and credible news sharing without underscoring the copyright issues.

So, don’t you feel that a new online culture has been evolved with blogs? Yes, it’s been.

This culture is the outcome of a new civilization called opinionated civilization. A whole new world has been created with blogging. It is an online society which has given us gossips to share, employment with our own convenience and comfort, a tool of popularity and some bucks as our additional incomes. Yes, blogging has become our outsourced income with the development of new age writing career. I know the importance of blogging and the satisfaction it gives since I work as a freelance writer and I write articles for various blogsites and writers communities.

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