Best Way To Clean Berkey Filters

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Best Way To Clean Berkey Filters. Clearly filtered water is best known for its filtering bottles and pitchers, while berkey’s infamous countertop filter has been a customer favorite for over a decade. As for the lower chamber and spigot, a good wash with soapy dishwater about every month is a good idea to keep everything fresh and clean.

Berkey® Light Water Filter Water lighting, Berkey water
Berkey® Light Water Filter Water lighting, Berkey water from

Before we begin, let’s take a few minutes and describe how a berkey filters water. You’re free to use mild dishwashing soap, but water will work fine. In a clean bucket, basin, or other similar containers, add clean water.

You can even soak it if necessary.

One way to test the effectiveness of the filter is to add some red food color to the water. Berkey filters, such as the royal, light, and imperial are gravity filters. Even raw, untreated water can come ready to drink. Both berkey’s countertop water filtration systems and the clearly filtered water filter pitcher are the same in concept: